Cornerstone Retirement designs and administers all manners of Retirement Programs

We are creative and resourceful professionals that can fit a design to a wide range of business situations.

Why use a qualified plan to save for retirement?

Simple. Tax Advantages. Different plans maximize value for different client personas.

Small, high revenue, professional firms

Credentialed professionals like doctors, architects, engineers, dentists, etc. with a small staff will
typically benefit most from a defined benefit plan. If there are employees, a floor-offset arrangement is the single most efficient way to deliver the highest potential for savings with the minimum staff benefit costs.

Savings potential: $200k – $400k annually. Maximum $2.8M in 10 years

revenue clients

Professional firms with young owners and tradesmen are examples of clients that would enjoy the tax-advantages of
a profit sharing plan. This plan has lower annual administrative costs, and lower staff benefit costs while still providing meaningful retirement savings for the owner.

Savings potential: $60k annually. No lifetime maximum

Other arrangements that exceed an ordinary IRA

Clients that want to make retirement plan contributions in excess of the low annual IRA limits but are not committed to an aggressive strategy can still set up a simple qualified plan. An SEP, SIMPLE IRA, or 401k plan is also available for the more passive saver. Staff costs vary by plan.

Savings potential: 25% of income annually.
No lifetime maximum

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